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The Ecology of The New England Garden

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…or, Thoughts On Nature.

It’s true that if you aren’t blissfully happy in the garden, you are usually (as Jamaica Kincaid so nicely puts it) “terribly vexed”. There always seems to be something that’s just not working quite to your liking. Or, some flower or plant that’s just decided to give up and fall dead without any known or reasonable explanation. It’s funny how distraught you can get over something so out of your control. I read somewhere that humans cultivate gardens in order to gain some semblance of control over nature, to exert our force onto the great unknown. I suppose this may be true, because we get all worked up when a piece of our “controlled nature” behaves other than we’d like (i.e., naturally out-of-control) and we dare to be upset with the plant for not conforming to our personal wishes. I dare to wonder if gardening is really a beneficial act. Maybe we should just let everything be and learn to appreciate the wild beauty of it all, learn to love the weeds as much as the flowers? Maybe we should go back to seeking and gathering rather than cultivating our food? Perhaps then we would learn to be comfortable with the natural order or chaos of things. Perhaps…


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