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The school semester started back up again I remained working in the gardens, but with classes going I could only spend three days working in them rather than my regular five. I decided to inquire about the greenhouse on campus to see if there was anything I could help with on my campus days, and sure enough they were looking for someone to give it a little routine care. I started working in the greenhouse the first week of the semester and found it to be an absolutely wonderful offset to being away from the gardens. It was a totally new experience too, with all the tropical plants and trees that I’d never work with in any New England garden, but that thrived in the warm and humid atmosphere of the greenhouse.

There is a plaque on the window by the entrance that says:


Supported by Bruce and Jane Keough

In Honor of Leicester Faust.

It’s interesting because Cush mentioned that when she attended Keene State, she worked with Mr. Faust when he was the head of grounds keeping for the college. The greenhouse has a great collection of plants, including a huge variety of orchids, passionflowers, a coco tree, a lemon tree, banana trees, eucalyptus plant, cacti of all kinds, tropical ferns and many more green little gems. I loved getting out of class and going up to that steamy little paradise for the rest of the day to water the plants, clean up any dead leaves, re-pot things, and tromp around with my flip flops on and my pant-legs rolled up while it was 40 degrees outside. I was also responsible for caring for the plants along the hallways in the science center. It was always funny when someone walked by as I stood there draining a 3 gallon bottle of water into the giant pots and said something like “I always wondered how those things stayed alive.” It’s a tricky bit of work hauling around a push cart with water enough for all of those plants and trees, but I enjoyed it.

The greenhouse is primarily cared for by Katie Fetherston of the Biology Department, who does an amazing job keeping everything green and shiny and happy.
The Keene State web page for the greenhouse is

The greenhouse also has a very special amorphophallus konjac! For great photos see: (


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